Keep your printing cost down with our all-in Special Business Package offers only in January 2020. Make your business plan happen, concentrate on your goals and leave the rest to us. This offers only applied at Dewata Printing Head Office in Jalan Bedugul No. 47 A Sidakarya Denpasar. Call us at 0812 4619 0070 or email to for more information about this offer.


BUSINESS PACKAGE A – IDR 400K (before : IDR 500K)

1000 pcs flyers  + Business Card  + Stamp

BUSINESS PACKAGE B – IDR 500K (before : IDR 655K)

1000 pcs flyers + Business Card + Stamp + X-Banner + Mini X-Banner

BUSINESS PACKAGE C – IDR 355K (before : IDR 450K)

Stickers + X-Banner + Banner 5 meter

BUSINESS PACKAGE D – IDR 585K (before : IDR 685K)

Stickers + Roll-up Banner + Banner 5 meter